Every jobs seeker uploads resumes online to get the chance of recruiters’ eye on their biodata! But are recruiters the only one going through the data? Ever thought how you get contacted or receive mails just related to your job search, but not just the job opportunity?

Job portals emerged for more and more people to find opportunities on similar platforms. As internet based technologies expanded, collecting information and creating access has become the process. The utility of internet based software gives access to all important information wherever you are. As this storage practice becomes more common, data security has become an increasing concern.

The new innovation, cloud storage known for its agility, storage space and security proved to be one of the safest ways to store your data. Cloud keeps data secure with the defense mechanism called encryption. Encryption methods are complex algorithms developed to protect information on the cloud. Each data is encoded with specific encryption key. The key can be only accessed when user logs in with credentials.

In order to view an encrypted info decryption has to be done. Deciphering the encrypted files requires the key, time, effort and technology to hack and read the info stored in cloud. So it is understood that cloud based platforms utilize more complex security methods than any other average software. Cloud-stored data is generally safer than locally stored data, thus an added level of protection to cloud storage users.

Cloud storage is efficient and low-cost, with higher level of privacy & multiple layers of security. The storage platform continuously monitors to protect data and make it accessible whenever required. So during job hunts, make sure you use a secured job portal which ensures safe job search experience. Ensure information you provide online is encrypted and kept safe next time you upload your resume.