Nowadays the online recruitment portals are the connecting platform between talents & opportunities. Saying that, numerous recruiters and job seekers use the portal instantaneously to find talents and jobs respectively. This being the case the security considerations has become the major concern of many active users.
With high number of usage large job opportunities are posted which may be true of fake. This is the drawback faced by job seekers who sees thousands of relevant and irrelevant recommended to them. Such fraudulent job notification even enters the personal email to lure candidate to provide their data.
On the other hand recruiters encounter multiple resumes with less updated or duplicate data of same applicant. This makes short listing very difficult. In order to obtain organized recruitment and job search mechanism duplications from external hackers should be avoided. Every web application carry out code securing practices at consistent intervals, however defense is sometimes vulnerable.
A job portal can be made secure with consistent usage of advanced authentication procedures to make it harder for attackers. Authentications nowadays don’t just rely on passwords to check your identity. Authentication process which uses social media as an identity also exists nowadays to check your identity. There is a usage of possession factor as identity as well to check your identity.

Blog imageTwo-factor authentication is also widely used as an additional security which not only requires password but another additional sensitive data known only to original user. This is security system is used to protect the data, in case if password has been hacked. With two-factor authentication hacking password alone will not be sufficient; one should be able to access the second authentication factor as well which is associated with a user account. This becomes the challenge for attackers as application rely on external service providers for additional layer of protection.
With complex web applications and networking, security has become harder and relying on single mode of authentication leads to security flaws. Two-factor authentications are easily implemented, cost-effective and user-friendly and reliable. Hence along with traditional security protection using two factor authentications is chosen as an added protection from security threats. Ensuring every web applications have secure coding standards to certainly improve security at regular intervals.