A Resume is a one or two-page document which is used as a marketing tool by the job seeker’s to communicate with the employers about the qualifications for the jobs, they are interested in. Each and every resume is uniquely constructed and it can provide excellent leads to professionals to hire them.

Recruiters face a challenge with huge volumes of resumes they receive every day. The reason for this is, the ratio of the job seeker’s is more compared to the availability of the jobs in the industry. Reading resumes take a lot of time for the recruiters and it is also impossible to hire a new worker without first looking at their resume.

What is Resume Parsing?

“Resume Parsing” is an employment recruitment process that occurs when the mail parsing_blog copy.pngapplicant completes the online job application form and emails with the resume. The goal of resume parsing is finding the qualified applicants through a computer-aided screening process. Simply saying, ‘parse resume’ extracts data from the resume and represent onto the corporate job application format.

The concept of recruitment is an intricate process of matching the applicant’s skills with the needed skills of the job opening. The Resume Parsing helps the recruiters in finding out, whether the applicant’s skills match with the required skills of the job opening.

Benefits of Resume Parsing:

Resume Parsing helps the recruiters in a smart way by streamlining their hiring process.Resume parsing or extraction saves recruiters time significantly because the recruiters don’t have to read stacks of resumes. Instead, the resume parsing software generates the information, the recruiters need. In that way, recruiters easily compare applicants to find the qualified candidates.

Along with resume parsing, some software’s supports email parsing as well. The Email parsing helps in parsing the resume, creates a record and attaches the resumes to the recruiting database directly. As a result of this, recruiters can enter the specified keywords for the job position and see all the resumes in the recruiter’s applicant tracking database relevant to those keywords.

Nowadays, Time is money and the recruiters have quicker access to the better candidates by reaching the top tier-1 employees before the competitors or other industries reach them.


The Resume Parsing from the email attachments serves as a helping hand for the recruiters to find the qualified candidates from the huge stack of resumes.