The Recruiters are finding challenges in identifying the right candidate. A recent survey on Recruitment Strategies clearly states that there is a shortage of skilled candidates for job vacancies. So, in order to find the right candidate, the recruiters must have a well-planned recruiting strategy. Skilled professional are few numbers in the market and finding them is a nightmare.

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Steps to Find the Right Candidate for the Job

Based on the analysis, let us frame the Recruiter’s guide to find the top talent for your organization:

1. Know your IDEAL Candidate 

In order to attract the ideal candidate, the recruiters should know about their right candidate. Define your candidate persona and this will give an insight on what type of candidate will be perfect for your organizational culture. The basic steps to know about your ideal candidate is as follows,

  • Who is that person?
  • What skill-set he/she have?
  • Where to reach him/her?
  • Why should she/he want to work with my company?

It is mandatory to lose your assumptions on the employees and use the facts and information provided by them to reach out to the ideal candidate.

2. Write Clear Job Descriptions

Writing a clear and detailed job description is mandatory for searching and attracting the candidates with a good fit. While writing the job description, don’t list only the duties, responsibilities and requirement, instead along with that, talk about your company’s culture and vision.

3. Engage your Current Employees

Use the current employees to know about what they love about working with your organization. The current employees are the assets and it is the great way to learn about the things that attract them the most. Using the facts provided by the current employees will attract the new candidates while recruiting because your current employees are your brand ambassadors.

4. Use an Applicant Tracking System

Do you know, the top talents stay available in the market only for a period of 10 days? So it is crucial to fasten the recruitment process, and the solutions offered by the applicant tracking system are many, but their key objective is to fasten and streamline the selections and hiring process. So you can significantly improve the candidate experience and increase your application and hire-rate for the hard-to-fill roles.


Recruiters must use these above mentioned must-follow guidelines to improve their hiring process to find the top talent for their organization.

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