Job portals or the job boards are the online sites where the recruiters can advertise their jobs and search for resumes. For almost every hiring process, they play an integral part to choose the right candidates. Implementing the proper creative recruiting strategies will help the jobs to be seen by candidates faster and significantly with less effort.

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The best hiring strategies which work for the organizations are,

1.Post Jobs to Multiple Boards with a Single Click:

Posting jobs to the multiple niche job boards make it easier to attract and connect to more candidates than ever before. The single click approach by the recruitment team enables the recruiters to post jobs to 15+ free job boards like indeed and glass door at the same time. It means the jobs are posted faster and visible to more prospective job seekers.

2.Maintain an Applicant Tracking System(ATS):

The recruitment process is one of the crucial aspects while growing an organization. The goal is to make good use of the resumes and hire the right talent. ATS is an extremely powerful tool and helps in streamlining both the company’s job opening and the number of application the recruiter receives. ATS automates all the manual tasks and redirects the recruiters to concentrate more on shortlisting and interviewing the right candidates.

3.Update your candidate database:

The candidate database is a valuable resource and allows you to keep track of the best applicants. Build your candidate database with prospect resumes which might be required for the other job openings in the future. Organize your database based on the niche and try to reach out to the candidates during the hiring pipeline.

4.Use Resume parsing and Email parsing:

Resume parser is an interpreter that converts an unstructured form of the resume into a structured machine-readable format. It helps to easily store and analyze the resume data.

It simplifies the process to quickly identify the most relevant resumes based on the job openings and saves time.

Similarly, Email parser is a software that extracts data from the incoming emails.

5.Hiring Dashboards:

The hiring dashboards help to visualize the key information of the workforce and help to leverage the analytics. It facilitates the recruiters to interpret and evaluate the various factors that aid in the hiring process and bring the best candidates for the organizations.


These are the best possible trending hiring strategies that help the organizations to find the prospective candidates.