A talent pool is a centralized database of the organization’s employees and other job seekers who have applied for new or existing job positions within the organization. This is a long-time recruiting strategy to fill the job positions with prospect candidates and is much cheaper and faster.

Talent Pool: A Long-time Recruitment Approach

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As this has been stated as a long-term approach, maintaining a database of highly qualified candidates who are interested in working for the organization is the crucial part. The talent pool is the most effective method of proactive recruiting because it is easy to fill open positions with suitable candidates’ profile from your existing database.

5 ways to build a compelling Talent Pool:

In order to build a candidate database and constantly maintain a talent pool, the best possible ways include,

1. Employee Referrals:

This is the first and easiest way to build your talent pool. Always, the current employees’ network is more powerful, genuine and you can expand your talent pool more than 10 times. They also mitigate time and cost and provide a good quality of hire for the organization.

2. Landing Pages on your Website:

On the organization’s website, dedicate a special landing page on the career link with a call to action invitation to join your talent pool. Job Seekers prefer to be a part of the organization’s talent pool in which they are interested in working. Insights need to be provided for the candidates regarding the benefits of joining the talent community of the organization.

3. Sourcing Tools:

There are a large number of trusted sourcing tools namely Hired, Talentbin, HiringSolved etc. with millions of job profiles. These modern sourcing tools conduct a web search scan amongst the million profiles online and retrieve the prospective candidate’s information including their email address, resumes and the chosen profiles can be directly uploaded to your talent pool.

4. Inbound Recruiting:

Inbound Recruiting is the smart way of attracting candidates to join your talent pool by providing knowledgeable and relevant content regarding your organization’s business or technology. Potential candidates always follow interesting blogs on the company’s career site and read your employee testimonials.

5. Social Media Campaign:

By using Social Media recruiting campaign like email marketing, LinkedIn etc., promote your employer brand and invite the potential candidates to become a part of your talent pool.


A company maintaining a talent pool is a kind of having an asset and an effective proactive approach to saving time and cost to reach up to your qualified candidates.