Recruiting can be unpredictable at times even for the most seasoned recruiting professionals, they face challenges while trying to hire top talent.

The most common hiring challenges includes:

1. Candidates with a good skill set receive at least one communication a day for a new job.

2. The recruiter, while making an effort to source quickly, gets stuck while sending out messages a day to prospective candidates with copy-and-paste message that feel spammy and harm your company’s brand.

3.When recruiters spend time on high-volume sourcing, they are not focused on the most valued-added part of the recruiter’s job such as evaluating, connection structure and closing and as an end result turning off great candidates.

4.By focusing on the empirical skills of the candidate, they miss the prospect candidate by only focusing on keywords on a resume.

In general, the candidates look to recruiters for an outstanding quality like honesty and transparency in the very important aspect of a job offer.

How to build a High-Performance Talent Recruiting Pipeline?

In order to overcome the challenges in the hiring process, the solution is broken down into few tangible categories with a focus on making the pipeline more predictable to ensure better results in the hiring process.

1. Build a stunning instant active pool of candidates:

Generate a higher connection rate with the right candidate to check exactly what they are looking for in the market and the status of their searches. This kind of predictive sourcing increases the sourcing speed, and reduces the time to fill the position and helps to have a better talent pipeline.

2. Drill Down on additional other than the general attributes:

The profiles that are forward-looking, gives a clear insight on the candidate like what really motivates each candidate, their intent behind their searches and the forward goal in their career. It is good for the hiring manager to remember that you are hiring a complete person for the company and not a combination of keywords and skills.

3. Create positive experience for candidates:

Tech candidate are in high demand and by creating a personalized messaging on a one-to-one basis with the candidate, the recruiters can generate trust and increase the chances of getting a perfect fit for your organization.

4. Use Real-time market data to speed the hiring process:

Recruiters must leverage the real-time data to improve their business result by getting a visibility of the market hiring value of each position and make transparency in the hiring process. Transparency will help to improve the acceptance rates and contribute towards the predictability of the talent pipeline.


With the above mentioned tangible categories, the recruiters can focus on maintaining their talent pipeline more probable to ensure better results.