Hiring velocity also known as time to hire is the time that is taken to complete the entire hiring process from posting a job to acceptance of offer. Tracking the time taken to move a candidate from one stage of the hiring process to another will help you understand how efficient your hiring process is.

Tracking and speeding up the hiring process of your organization is vital if you want to hire top talent. Candidates with great skills are off the market within a very short period of time and if your organization is not able to complete the hiring process within that period you will be losing top talent to your competitors. Here are a few pointers to speed up your hiring velocity.

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Eliminate Manual Resume Scanning:

Resumemantra provides a unique facility to recruiters that enables then to eliminate scanning of resumes manually. With resumemantra recruiters could send any number of mails with resumes and relevant data from these resumes are extracted and presented to the recruiter on a dashboard.

The recruiter can further search for candidates with relevant skills and quickly shortlist candidates and create a talent pool.  This facility not only helps the recruiter save time but also build a talent pool with candidates with the right skills to fit into the organization.

Write a Clear Job Description:

A good job description would have the right candidates applying for the position. On the other hand, if the job description is poorly written without relevant data, you may end up with many applicants without the right skills applying for the position.

Automate Communication with Candidates:

Sending Automate rejection letters can take up a lot of your time and not sending those letters would only result in a poor candidate experience. The best way to tackle this issue is to automate your communication with candidates.           

As your hiring velocity improves you tracking your hiring velocity would become a priority, to understand which stage of the hiring process needs a bit more efficiency. This is where resumemantra would come into play again. You would receive reports on your hiring velocity and the time taken to move one candidate from one to the next stage of the hiring process. These reports would give recruiters a clear understanding of how efficient their hiring process is and the time taken to complete the process.

A good hiring velocity is important to be able to hire the best candidates and stay above your competition.