Have you wondered why your online job application didn’t get you an interview? The reason is if you apply for a job online your resume is more likely to be screened by a both than read by a human.

Recruiters receive thousands of applications everyday and reviewing and short listing candidates from such a large database within a stipulated time are next to impossible. This is why recruiters rely on applicant tracking systems that scans resumes, picks up keywords from those resumes and mathematically scores them for relevance to identify the most qualified candidates. This information is then sent to the recruiter who further shortlists candidates and schedules interviews.  In other words, if you want a recruiter to view your resume and invite you for an interview, you got to pass through the ATS.

Here are some foolproof methods to create a resume that beats the ATS:

1. Use the Right Keywords and Phrases Relevant to Your Profession:

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Every profession has its jargon, terms and skills related to it, these key phrases need to be added to your resume.  The more key phrases you have that match the skills required in the job description, the higher are your chances of being shortlisted. You need to do some research and gather keywords that are relevant to your skills and profession and incorporate them into your resume. Also use standard job titles in your resume.

2. Use the Right Resume Format:

Even if you do have all the skills required for the job chances are your resume would be rejected if you have used the wrong resume format. To beat an ATS there are three different formats that you can use, such as chronological, functional and hybrid. The functional resume displays skills and achievements in previous work places at the top. The hybrid resume highlights skills and achievements along with work history.  The hybrid resume is most suited for those looking for a change in career.

You could try some of resumemantra’s resume formats to create a unique resume and a resume that would get you past any ATS.

3. Use the Right Alignment and Font:

Align your resume to the left and use a conservative font such as Times New Roman. A right alignment or a font that is not conservative may prevent the system from short listing your resume.

4. Run a Spell Check:

Spelling mistakes could mean the end of your application. An ATS would immediately spot spell errors and reject your application.

5. Use Simple Formatting

Candidates like to impress with their creativity, but this could stand in your way, as images, graphs, logos and sometimes even intricate bullet are not captured by the ATS. A simple and clear design is what is required to capture the attention of the bot.

These steps would ensure your resume beats the ATS and reaches the hands of a recruiter.