Did you know that a recruiter spends only 6 seconds reviewing an individual resume? Six Seconds! That is all the time you have to stand out among the hundreds or maybe thousands.

Your resume is an at a glance description of who you are and what you are capable of. It is a key component in your job search.  A resume is never a one-size-fits-all for all the jobs that you apply for. Your resume needs to be altered to impress each employer and demonstrate your skills and experience.

Whether you are applying online or submitting a resume in person the following pointers would help you avoid the blunders candidates make while writing their resume.


Create a Simple Layout:

A simple layout that is easy to read is more than sufficient. Candidates attempt to showcase their creativity with fancy layouts and patterns but many times this could work against them, especially, if you are applying online.

When you apply online your resume passes through an ATS before it reaches the hands of a recruiter. These softwares sometimes do not pick up designed layouts and you may not shortlist your resume.

Even when you hand in your resume personally, it is always best to have a resume that is easy to read with a simple layout, avoiding fancy fonts.

Don’t Overlook Editing:

Read through your resume and be absolutely there are no typos or grammatical errors. Errors such as these tells your recruiter that you are either careless or lack attention to detail. If you are applying online any ATS will pick up these errors and once again your resume will not reach the recruiter.
So, when you are applying online it is ideal to print your resume and read through slowly and edit.

Highlight Your Accomplishments:

It is important to showcase your success in previous jobs on your resume. Don’t forget to mention any certificates or accolades you have won. Every applicant might have the same qualification and so on your achievements are one area where you can stand out from the crowd.

Include Resume Keywords:

If you are applying online always remember that your resume is scanned by software and shortlisted before it reaches the recruiter. To beat the software you need to do some research on keywords that are related to the job and skills that are required for the job and include those keywords in your resume. The ATS software would pick up these keywords and your chances of getting shortlisted increases.  If the job description states that the organization is looking for someone with good written communication skills, make sure you add those keywords in your resume.

A well-written resume will help you go past your competition without much ado, so keep it simple, error free and alter it to showcase your skills.