Which is the biggest problem recruiter’s face? As a recruiter, you will empathize with your colleagues who say that more time goes into transferring applicant details into their database. When you are dealing with hundreds of applications this can get quite wearisome and time consuming. Logically more time should be spent in sourcing candidates and in the hiring process rather than such manual work. This is why more and more recruiters are investing in recruitment software. One important feature such software provides is mail and resume parsing.

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What is Resume Parsing?

In today’s world there are more avenues to source candidates from rather than just job boards. Web sources like social networking sites, forums, search engines etc. have become the new hunting ground. The problem here is that the candidate information can come in different formats and styles and with different phrases.

Resume parsing as a feature of the applicant tracking system (ATS) takes these documents and neutralizes the language so that it gets easier to upload it in a structured manner into the database. When this is combined with mail parsing, it makes the capabilities even stronger by attaching the email as well as the resume to the newly created record. This is why it makes candidate filtering and selection a much easier process.

How to Evaluate a Good Resume Parsing Software?

As a recruiter evaluating different resume parsing software, here are the 2 features that a good parsing software must have.

  1. What is the extent of the coverage facilities?
  • It should be able to parse multiple types of documents formats like DOCX, DOC, PDF, HTML, RTF, TIFF, XML, and EML.
  • How many structured fields will it pick data from each resume. The good CV parsers will read and enter additional data such as hobbies, references, compensation expected and even visa status. The software should be able to extract all information available in the document.
  1. How Accurate is the Software?

Accuracy is an important test of the quality of the resume parser. Accuracy refers to the percentage the parser is right and should be at least 90% accurate. It should be able to prevent any glitches and upload to the database without any human intervention. This accuracy is important for resume searches.

It should also be able to rank candidates on how closely they match to the job requirements. Many will also give the recruiter the ability to customize according to their needs. Candidate filtering feature is an important requirement for recruiters.

An important tip is to include the right keywords in your job advertisement.  This will help the candidates to include these keywords in their resume. And will ensure that that the resume parsing program has more to work with.

Looking for recruiting software with a resume parsing feature?

Resumemantra combines these features to streamline your recruitment process. Our goal is to make the hiring process simple and efficient. Our resume parser extracts about 76 fields from applicant’s profile and store it in your candidate database. Contact us to find out more.