There is a reason why companies are switching over to an Applicant Tracking System also known as Talent Management System. Most recruiters spend their time on data entry rather than on the actual hiring process. ATS take the headache of data entry out of the process while making sure that only resumes with the qualifications needed for the job are spotlighted so that you can get the hiring done faster. It is a fact that 50% of candidates who apply for a post do not have the basic qualifications for the job. Wasting time on these resumes is done away with an Applicant Tracking System that can scan resumes for the keywords you set.

What does an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) do?

With an ATS you don’t need to use separate processes like email, spreadsheets and numerous folders to store relevant resumes. The problem with this process is that it is time consuming and you will find it difficult later to tap into this talent pool.

The Applicant tracking system arranges the candidate data in such a way that screening for the suitable candidates through convenient filter/search options becomes easy. Applicant testing, scheduling of interviews, checking references as well as on-boarding of employees becomes much easier.

Benefit 1: Reduces the burden on HR

The ATS software starts from the point of simplifying the process of candidate application, then uploading resumes from different sources such as emails and job boards, tracking suitable applicants and then continues to aiding the whole recruitment cycle. Applicant tracking systems uses technology like Machine Learning that makes the whole candidate filtering process much easier and faster than any human can.

Benefit 2: Saves time and money

The right ATS software will have the technology that can accurately screen candidate resumes. It will eliminate unqualified candidate resumes that are not suitable for the specific position. Since screening and data entry is taken over by the system it saves on personnel cost. There is no longer a need to spend time on such manual work thus freeing resources and saving overhead costs.

Benefit 3: Streamlines recruitment process

All the tedious processes involved right from resume selection, interview scheduling, background checks etc. are streamlined and the sharing of reports becomes much easier. When a candidate applies for a job, their contact details, work experience, educational qualifications, references etc. are taken from their resume and uploaded into searchable fields into the database. As the applicant goes through the selection process, these details get transferred through the components of the Applicant Tracking software. Relevant actions are available at each step of the hiring process. Everything is managed through one single window.

Benefit 4: Improves candidate experience

The candidate experience with your company starts right from the time they apply. When they get a quick revert, it increases their goodwill with the company. After all there are a lot of options out there and how they are treated will go towards the decision they make. ATS enabled automated communications also help better this hiring experience.

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