It takes just 50 seconds to make an impression. Is your careers page geared up to make this impact on your candidates in a very short time? Just as much as your hiring department is looking for the right candidates, potential applicants are also looking for a company that will suit their profile. Here is how you can turn a curious visitor into a motivated applicant.

Showcase some inside information

Candidates to your careers page are looking for job openings that fit their experience but they are also looking for more information about the company. Usually the rest of the website is developed keeping clients in mind, it is only the careers page that is candidate facing.

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Give an inside peek into the work culture of your company. If meeting up with urgent deadlines means that often there are long hours at work, it’s better to say that upfront. You don’t want someone who is looking for a 9 to 5 job applying anyways. This page should spotlight team photos, employee perks, learning opportunities and whatever else you think would make a positive impression. Look at the best career pages on websites to know the truth of this.

Keep your job openings current

Often the careers page of your company does not reflect the job postings that are currently open and running on job boards. Keeping your careers page up to date is an important step. Another good point to keep in mind is not to have a cold listing of jobs and requirements. Make it more user-friendly by emphasizing the opportunity the candidate will find in each job and how they can expect their career to grow.

The best company careers pages also keep the application process on this page simple, after all everything is in their resume. Many career pages make the mistake of asking all the same questions making it tiresome. Also, make that ‘Apply’ button stand out to increase your conversions on this page.

Keep it visually engaging

Our brains are wired to process images 90% faster than words. So, use as many pictures as you can on this page. A big ‘No’ is in using stock pictures. Take pictures of people at work, on a team get together or even office pictures – you are getting the picture of what will work I think. There is nothing as off putting as seeing a whole page of text with no visual relief. Getting the 98% of people who do not scroll beyond the headline is possible by scattering these images right through the page.

Keep it mobile optimized

Smartphones are where most candidates are making their searches. More than 70% of visitors to your careers page will be on the mobile. The best company career pages ensure that their web pages are suitable for mobile visitors. If your site and page is not mobile-optimized you will create a very negative impression on candidates. Most websites are responsive nowadays so viewing your careers page on the mobile should not be a problem. However, what about the process of applying on the page? Often the smaller screen makes the process difficult. Make sure that all drawbacks are addressed through getting it completely tested.

Bring candidates to your page

There are two ways that potential future employees can find you – Through a search on Google or through social media. Is your page optimized for both these routes?

SEO: Make sure that the keywords are optimally distributed through your page, especially in the sub-headings. These keywords or phrases are what people generally used to search in search engines like Google.

Social Media:  LinkedIn and Facebook are two social media sites that you can use to promote your company’s job openings. You should have a proper social media strategy to attract the right candidates. The average internet user will have at least 3 social media accounts, so it is best not to ignore this source. These sites offer a great opportunity to connect with candidates that may not be available in traditional sources like job boards. Just posting job opportunities is not enough, creating a company culture on these pages is just as important.

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