Recruitment today is a very different process than what it used to be just a decade ago. Technology has made it faster and easier by taking care of the mundane and routine. Resumemantra is one such technology enabler helping recruiters with new digital skills. The platform it provides has transformed the way its client companies recruit.

5 Reasons Why Resumemantra Will Transform the Way You Recruit.PNG

1. An end-to-end recruitment solution

Small to medium enterprises need the same solutions as larger corporates but at a more affordable cost. Scalable, cloud based solutions like Resumemantra do just this. In some cases, smaller recruiting firms might not want some features as their scale of operations might allow a part of the process to be still done manually. Resumemantra allows for this scalability, allowing for stand-alone solutions wherever needed. Here are a few of the many features available

  • Candidate Sourcing: Allows for a centralized repository for promoting open positions through job postings, career websites, and social media.
  • Applicant Tracking System: Allows for resume parsing from different sources. Also tracks applicant workflow such as resume screening, assessing, interviewing, and background checks
  • Recruiting Analytics: Helps make data-driven decisions through funnel metrics such as time to fill, source of hire, and applicant-to-interview ratio

2. Sourcing and engaging talent

Sourcing candidates is probably the most valuable recruiting skill when it comes to hiring talent. With growing digital footprints, more and more candidates are sitting back and waiting for the right opportunities to come to them. What Resumemantra does is to bring together social networks, job boards and CV databases making the process of talent acquisition very centralized. All that recruiting companies need do is to avail this free service, post their jobs on the Resumemantra platform and sit back and wait for the resumes to come in.

3. Improving candidate experience

Many recruiters have compared recruitment to a war – a war for talent. The current job market is indeed candidate driven with talent deciding which company would better suit them. An unhappy candidate not only will reject your job offering but can also encourage others not to consider you. Creating a positive company impression then has to start right from the recruitment process.

Resumemantra contributes to this positive vibe by making the application process very easy and streamlined. Timely communication from the recruiter shows a respect for a candidate’s time. Automation helps to schedule interviews and make assessment decisions ensuring an efficient interview process.

4. Keeps track of your talent pool

Moving from an average recruitment strategy to one that is cutting-edge is impossible without the aid of technology. Just imagine when you post a job live, you are immediately alerted about similar jobs that were posted in the past and the candidates that were once sent in by agencies or shortlisted through other sources. They might have been first choice for the positions you were recruiting for but for some reason were not available to engage at that point of time. The job management piece of Resumemantra improves recruiting efficiency as it stores and communicates data in a timely manner.

5. Speeds up the recruitment process

Resumemantra recruitment software is already proven to speed up the recruitment process wherever it has been implemented. Paperwork is reduced and communication becomes more transparent. Using one system, recruiters can keep everyone involved and updated on every task the team is handling. Notes attached for every candidate helps move them digitally through the different steps of the recruitment process. Thus reducing the time it takes from identifying to hiring the right candidate.

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