Too many hiring manager still belong to the old school of thought that the choice of picking a candidate lies with them. However, there is a new job culture around that you should be aware of. Candidates are evaluating your company as much as you are evaluating them. Which is why all HR teams must have well-planned recruitment branding strategies. Working in the right environment is as important as remuneration today. Candidates need to be impressed with the company to join it.

Every step of your hiring process timeline needs to make just the right impression about your company. Here are some recruitment branding ideas to help elevate an employer’s brand.

It starts with company career page

Every serious candidate is going to visit your website. They will land up on your career page to understand more about the job. The importance of employer branding in recruitment is shown by the way you treat your company career page. It should not just contain a list of all the open positions but also speak about your company and its work culture.

A few recruitment branding ideas to make your Career Page more effective is to have recent pictures of employee events. Include a video of employees talking about what they like about their work, career opportunities etc. If a video is difficult, you can have small write-ups from a few of them. Include cafeteria pictures, game areas if you have them and more. This will go a long way in showcasing your company as a great place to work. If you do not have a Career Page, then many HR recruitment solutions like Resumemantra have Career page templates that you can customize for your brand.

Job descriptions must also sell your brand

Many organizations have recognized that a well written Job Description will attract the right candidates. A few companies still just put together a bulleted list of skills and qualifications they are looking for in a candidate and leave it at that. Others recognize the importance of employer branding in recruitment. They spend time writing about why their company is a great place for career growth and what a candidate can expect if they join here. No points for guessing which job posting is going to get more applications. This will also ensure that candidates will know what to expect.

Good communication is Key

The HR team is almost always the first point of contact with a potential candidate. Creating a positive vibe requires simple courtesies. As candidates ourselves, we do know how important it is to communicate at every step of the hiring process. It is important to have well-documented communication guidelines as part of the recruitment branding strategies These guidelines helps everyone in the HR team to follow a single recruitment checklist whether contact is through email or a phone call.

It starts from the time your company receives a candidate’s application. Set up an automated process that shoots off an acknowledgement email immediately. Very often this is missing and a candidate is left blind. Most Applicant Tracking Systems integrate recruitment branding strategies. They make communication seamless by including email to enable such communication from a single dashboard.

Make sure that you are always friendly and never talk down whether you are contacting candidates through a phone call or through email. If the candidate is not selected,keep them informed. This must be included in the hiring process steps It is vital to communicate rejection in a proper way. This will go a long way to building your company reputation.

Finally, the interview process

Interviews today often are through a video call, over phone as well as in person. It is the final step in the hiring process timeline before selection. Whatever be the mode of interview, it is important that the interviewer adhere to the scheduled time and not keep the candidate waiting.

This part of the hiring process steps is when the hiring manager gets to make an impression on the candidate. Too many hiring managers get into the interview process without even reading the candidates resume. There cannot be anything more off-putting than this. Ensure you go into the interview prepared and do not waste time asking the same questions that are already answered in the resume. It is best to have a few questions prepared in advance so that you don’t fumble during the interview and convey a poor impression. Also remember not to treat the interview process like a police inquisition, keep it conversational and friendly. Finally, allow the candidate to question you as well.

Reinventing the hiring process steps to ensure that it reflects positively on your company will reflect in the candidates you will get to join you. After all, employees ensure the success of a company and getting them on-board needs recruitment branding strategies that spotlight your company brand.