Companies have strong marketing teams that focus on brand building and customer acquisition. How many companies consider recruitment marketing as equally important? Candidates are just as important as customers since top talent will impact business outcomes in the long run. Long before a candidate considers your company as a possible employer, they would already have got an impression of your brand. Company reviews on Glassdoor, social media, Google searches et al need to be carefully planned or monitored to ensure a positive impact.

Here are a few recruitment marketing strategies that your company needs to consider.

4 Important steps in a successful recruitment marketing plan

Recruitment marketing while it is the primary concern of the HR team will require the coming together of different teams within the company. Successful recruitment marketing strategies will include these 4 processes

Company Branding:  It is not just the name or logo that defines your brand. It is the psychological and emotional connect people have with your company. Just think about what comes to mind when you hear the name “Nike” or even “Apple”.  Companies own their brand but the perception is created by what people say about it. Companies must keep a track of every mention of their brand to understand whether the perception is positive or not.

Passive Candidate Sourcing: Not every candidate is applying to your job boards. More job positions are filled by sourcing candidates who are not actively looking for a job but will move if they get an attractive offer. Your HR team might already be using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) but for finding passive candidates, a Talent CRM can help you identify hidden talent and create a continuing relationship till you need to make a definite job pitch to them.

Attracting Candidates: Job boards are a good place to reach out to candidates actively looking for a new job. Creating a strong brand impact in your job post is important to get the best candidates to apply. Candidates, these days, are looking at work culture and career growth opportunities as much as the job description. Make sure your JD makes a strong pitch that creates a good vibe.

Positive Candidate Journey:50% of new employees leave the company in the first year of their employment. Creating a positive candidate experience starts from the time they apply for a post. Timely communication right through the process helps to create a good experience. It doesn’t stop with onboarding, follow the best practices with monthly feedbacks and HR face-to-face right through their first 6 months at work.

Social Media is King in Recruitment Marketing

People socialize more online than they do in person. No wonder social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook have become the popular tools for recruitment marketing. If your company has not included social media yet in their recruitment marketing strategies, then here are a few reasons why you should

  • Real time interactions are possible with your social media pages.
  • When it comes to brand building and recruitment marketing ideas, your LinkedIn company page is essential. Statistics show that 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to connect to top talent. This is the best place to post your jobs as well since you will immediately connect to the right professionals.
  • Facebook is the place to reach out to passive candidates who will not see your posting on job boards. Facebook jobs allows you to post for free and you reach an even wider audience by boosting the post.
  • Viral spread of job opportunities is a common thing on social media as people share your post with their friends.

Young professionals want to work for the right company and they will research you on social media. Make sure your company page is engaging and positions your brand in the right spirit. This is should be a long term plan and should be diligently followed.

Measure Recruitment Marketing Success

Everything comes down to the numbers finally. If you are not tracking all your recruitment marketing ideas you have put in action then you will never know which route is giving you the best results. It is important to have a centralized database into which all your candidate’s application and details are stored. Dashboards such as those offered by Resumemantra Candidate Sourcing System will give you a comprehensive view of your data. This way you can align your metrics with your goals and continually optimize them.