Companies are always recruiting and staffing firms are set up to mine this need. Whether you are recruiting for your own organization or for client companies, choosing the right recruitment software is always a difficult decision. Every vendor is selling their product as the answer to your recruitment challenges. However, not all of them are equally suited to meeting your recruiting goals. Honing in on the right recruiting software is dependent on assessing your business needs.

What Recruiting Software Do You Really Need

If you haven’t made the right preparation before you call in vendors for a product demo, be prepared to be confused. Listening to the sales spiel may make you lose track of your organizations needs, in case you have not well defined it before evaluating products. It is similar to stepping into an electronics store and getting bedazzled by the latest electronics, you might not need it but you get convinced that you are missing out on a steal if you don’t take the offer right away.

To avoid getting pulled in by features lists and great sales talk, answer these questions first.Are you sourcing actively enough to need a recruitment CRM or will an ATS do?

  1. Are you sourcing actively enough to need a recruitment CRM or will an ATS do?
  2. What kind of candidates are you recruiting?
  3. Do you frequently have hard to fill roles?
  4. Do you have a large applicant database built over the years that you are not exploiting?
  5. Does your HR team spend too much time on process rather than recruiting?
  6. Do you need human resource features to manage candidates post-hire?
  7. What are the reasons you are looking for a change that your existing software can’t help you with?

Once you have identified these needs, you have the exact questions to ask a vendor to know if their software will match your requirements.

How a Recruitment CRM Differs From an ATS

An Applicant Tracking System is software that helps you process candidate applications. It is set up to organize job postings, process resumes received and track the interview to hire. Many organizations have found an ATS has helped streamline their recruitments. After all, ATS is the most commonly used recruiting software among organizations thus far. This is particularly true because of recruiting software pricing. However, more and more organizations and most staffing firms need a more proactive solution and this is why recruiting CRM software is expected to soon capture 80% of the market.

A Candidate Recruitment Management system is designed to actively source candidates by building a talent pool. It uses analytics, multichannel routes and targeted messaging to attract and nurture passive candidates. This is particularly fruitful when it comes to filling niche roles. A CRM differs from an ATS in that it focuses on a larger potential candidate pool while an ATS only manages applicants to a job posting. Knowing into which category your organization fits will help you decide on the best recruiting software.

Main Recruiting Software Features to Look For

Staffing agency software is no different from what a organization would look for in its recruiting department.

  1. Software as a Service: The benefits of SaaS recruiting software are many. Since maintenance is done by the provider, organizations don’t need to worry about IT infrastructure or staffing costs. Technology updates are the provider’s responsibility and is built into the contract. Since you don’t have to install or implement the software, with most of them on the cloud, you can be up and running fairly quickly.
  2. Mobile Friendly:   Any staffing agency software must have mobile functionality. Most candidates apply to jobs and upload their resumes on their mobiles. At the same time recruiters need to be able to access the software from anywhere. This means it must be available across devices. The trend now in both ATS and CRM is to provide mobile accessibility.
  3. Integration with Existing Software: It might not be practical to adopt an all-in-one recruiting software, pricing being the main issue apart from reworking all systems. Unless you are a first-time buyer, your organization might have already invested in software such as ATS and might want to integrate it with complementary recruiting tools.

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