The savvy job seeker knows that Monster, Indeed or the dozen other popular job sites are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a hidden job market that are never advertised. Many organizations prefer to use other routes to find good candidates such as recommendations, in-house or through a consultant’s network. So, if it is hidden how to find unadvertised jobs? Here are a few tips to tap into the hidden job market and land yourself a job that has less competitors. 

Why is there a hidden job market?

 According to most estimates, 80% of job are never advertised. There must be a strong reason why organizations don’t want to spread a wide net to find the right candidate. One of the main reasons is that advertising a job takes up both money and time. A job advertisement can attract resumes in hundreds and sometimes in thousands. A good ATS (applicant tracking software) can search resumes for the right keywords and filter out only the ones that score high. However, this can still leave a lot of resumes on the table of the recruiter.

Many companies prefer to fill the vacancy fast by getting employees to refer candidates from their network. Organizations find that it works out in terms of finding someone with the right skills as well as a better culture fit. At other times, employees within the organization might be promoted if they are qualified. Jobseekers should not feel discouraged by the fact that so many jobs are never made public. They are ways to find these jobs so that you can apply for them.

How to find hidden jobs?

 If you are here reading this article, it is evident that you are aware that there exists a hidden job market. If you want to tap into this, you will need to know how to find these unadvertised jobs. The best way is to use as many avenues as you can

  1. Contact employers directly: Many organizations start out the year by budgeting for new hires. They won’t hire everyone they need at one go; their hiring plan will budget for a few roles to fill every month. This is an insight that should work to your advantage.  Email them either through their website’s career page or to the HR Email ID. You could also find the HR manager on LinkedIn, for the company you are interested in.  It is surprising how few jobseekers use this route nowadays. The advantage is that even if they are not hiring for your role right now, their hiring plan might have one in the near future and you will be marked for it.
  2. Subscribe to Google Alerts: You read that right. This is a little-known way how to find hidden jobs in the companies you are interested in joining. A news alerts will not directly inform you about hidden jobs, what it will do is let you know about events that are happening with it. This could be a merger, new investments, new offices they are opening etc. These events are a good way to know whether they will be soon hiring and you can get your foot into the door by applying early.
  3. Update your social media professional profile: This is a big one and which many jobseekers ignore. Even if you are not actively looking for a job, it is still important to keep your profile updated. Many hiring managers prefer to source their own candidates rather than advertising and being flooded with applications. Candidate sourcing software used by many recruiters will search external sites and show up profiles that have suitable skills. Often passive candidates get contacted through LinkedIn and other such professional networks. Keep your profile up-to-date, get colleagues and seniors to recommend you and have a professional picture uploaded. All this will go a long way in getting you connected to a job you didn’t know was out there

Not every connect will get you the job you are looking for. Following these three steps are an effective way how to find hidden jobs and maximize your chances.